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We are on the Corner of 11th and Washington Streets. It is an easy 2 block walk from the Hudson River Waterfront and just minutes from Manhattan. 5 minute walk to the NY Waterway Ferry. 10 minute walk to Hoboken Path Station. Uptown Hoboken is full of brownstones and small shops you might enjoy along the way

We’re happy to be part of this journey

During the 1940’s through the 1970’s Maxwell’s Tavern served Hoboken’s neighborhood as a local gathering place and restaurant. It was especially popular with the workers at the nearby “Maxwell House Coffee Plant”. Serving food and drink for all three shifts. In the 70’s it began its time as a music venue featuring local and up and coming internationally famous musicians. After a brief stint as a “Brewpub” in the 1990’s, it returned to music as one of the tri states prominent rock music venues.

Today’s Maxwell’s respects both its music and neighborhood roots while layering in new thinking about what is fun, exceptional and unique to Hoboken in terms of food, drink, music, arts and atmosphere. We are proud to be a neighborhood tavern and welcome your ideas.

Thank you for being a part of it.

  A few historical notes about Maxwell’s Tavern

  • The FallonsWhen the Fallon family bought the corner building in uptown Hoboken with its street-level tavern, Steve Fallon’s sisters Kathryn Jackson Fallon and Anne Fallon Mazzolla along with brother-in-law Mario Mazzola were interested in turning the factory workers’ into more of a restaurant. The Hoboken band “a” (featuring Glenn Morrow, Richard Barone, Frank Giannini, and Rob Norris; the latter three later forming The Bongos) asked if they could rehearse in an unused back room and play a few gigs in the front for the restaurant’s patrons. The live music quickly caught on and Fallon started booking bands in the back room. Over time, his booking taste, freewheeling personality and respectful treatment towards musicians made Maxwell’s and Hoboken a stop to look forward to on many bands’ tours.
  • Rolling StoneParts of the music video for Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days” were filmed at Maxwell’s on May 28, 1985. The music video was directed by Hoboken resident John Sayles.
  • The FeeliesThe video for the song “Away” by The Feelies, directed by Jonathan Demme, was recorded at Maxwell’s in 1988. After a 17-year hiatus, The Feelies reunited to appear at Maxwell’s in July 2008,[14] and they made appearances again in July 2009 and 2010.
  • NirvanaWhile on tour supporting their debut album Bleach, Nirvana appeared at Maxwell’s on July 13, 1989. Early in the day, before the show, photographer Ian Tilton took several pictures of the band around Hoboken while John Robb interviewed them for a Sounds front cover feature. The picture of frontman Kurt Cobain has since been used in dozens of magazines, newspapers and websites before and after his death.
  • Abramson, Shelly & PostIn the late ’90s a failed reboot of the venue as a brew pub led to Todd Abramson and two partners, Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley and the Amazing Incredibles’ Dave Post, reclaiming the space for live original music.
  • Village VoiceIn the 2005 Village Voice Best of NY poll, Maxwell’s was voted “Best Reason to Leave the State for Dinner and a Show”.
  • New York TimesAlso in 2005, The New York Times wrote that Maxwell’s was “so New York that it’s in New Jersey”.
  • Glory DaysIn April 2013, Maxwell’s came in third in Rolling Stone magazine’s “Venues that Rock” list of the best clubs in America.
  • Block Party ClosingMaxwell’s was closed July 31, 2013, preceded by an afternoon block party on 11th Street between Washington Street and Hudson Place.
  • Just TimberlakeIn august 2014 Justin Timberlake chose Maxwell’s as the setting for filming a promotional vieo concert. It was announed in the afternoon and within hours there were lines of fans around the block.
  • Carr & CompanyLocal NJ natives Pete Carr and his partners, childhood friends SS and YY bought Maxwell’s on XX 2014.  They originally opened with a family oriented menu thinking that the late-night music & bar scene would take a while to restart.  After a major renovation they quickly realized the food format was wrong and the demand for the music venue was strong and emotional.  They immediately retooled and went to work on figuring out where the talent was.
  • The current owner bought Maxwell’s in 2014 and changed the name to Maxwell’s Tavern with the goal of getting back to its neighborhood roots. They originally opened with a family-oriented menu but pivoted when they realized the demand for a neighborhood tavern and music club was strong and wanted to work with the enthusiasm for what previously made Maxwell’s so special.

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If you would like to perform at Maxwell’s we are happy to hear from you. Please send a brief bio and some links to recorded music or recent performances to bookings@maxwellsnj.com. We are primarily focused on live, original music but do welcome a wide variety of other entertainment from comedy to spoken word and visual arts.